How to Buy NEO

NEO, previously branded as Antshares, is an open source blockchain platform developed in China by Da Hongfei in 2014 and is similar to Ethereum in several aspects, including the provision of smart contracts. It is often referred to as the Ethereum of the West (referring to China).

The ultimate goal of NEO is to transform the traditional economy into a smart economy especially with regard to the vast Chinese marketplace.

The lead developer of NEO, Erik Zhang discussed the evolution of Smart Contracts 2.0 and explained about it’s differences in implementation with regard to Ethereum. According to Erik, the fact that NEO supports almost all programming languages via a compiler, including, Java, Kotlin, Go and Python, it lowers the difficulty for developers to write smart contracts as opposed to Solidity only on Ethereum.

How to buy NEO?

NEO currently ranks 8th in terms of market capitalization and trades at $34 a coin at the time of writing.

Step 1: Get a NEO Wallet

Recommended NEO wallets:

Step 2: Buy NEO from an exchange

Options for purchase of NEO are very limited for fiat. Only NEO/USD is supported.

How to buy NEO using fiat

Currencies are different in different countries, so are the exchanges that support those currencies. Every exchange that uses fiat in exchange of cryptocurrencies, has to go through a simple KYC process whereby users must submit government issued id(s) and other personal information in order begin trading on the platform.

The process usually takes 3-4 working days depending on the exchange. Once the KYC is done, you’re free to purchase NEOs, which are automatically stored in exchange’s online wallet.

Buy NEO in the United States (USD)

Bitfinex is the only exchange that facilitates NEO/USD pair.

2. Buy NEO using Bitcoin

Plenty of exchanges accept NEO/BTC trade:

Step 3: Withdraw NEO to your wallet

As always emphasized, it is never a good idea to store NEO or any cryptocurrency for that matter on the exchange’s wallets. Make sure to withdraw the coins from the exchange to your personal wallet where you control the private keys.